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Veera Vartiainen (VV-Machine) is a digital designer and an artist focusing on the fun side of internet and next step in creation. VV-Machine is can produce diverse concept and visual designs that correlate with the customer’s needs and tickle their sense of aestetics and vision. On top of her work as a digital designer she does variety of different art and creative projects from . Her experience in both fields has enabled her to use creativity for design while being fully aware of the distinction between the two intertwining their elements when necessary.

Her work, in both design and art, is greatly influenced by her travels over the past decade. She has built a solid professional ground whilst on road and her travels has made a mark on her work. The realisations that occur while observing and reflecting on other cultures has made her more aware of hidden attitudes and beliefs that dictate our actions. Stereotypes, world views, and cultures are a starting point in many of her art pieces and her work often explores the hidden that lingers beneath the surface.

Vector Meditation Digital art series


My project “Vector Meditation” explores the organic aspects of technological creation and how it can be expressed with images. I start with drawings of surreal visualisations and they evolve into little doodles that simulate my awakened daydreaming. Is my permanent interest that drawings and graphics always can grow into something else through my very intuitive process of digitalisation, as well as mixing and matching different forms, textures and surfaces. Is important that different levels of detail might create own meaning for the beholder, like whimsical interpretations of mundane daily concerns. In the end, I wish to make evident a clash of opposites which rule our universe, such as entropy and harmony, order and disorder, calm and chaos,

The series has been inspired by a myriad of influences from different indigenous cultures and first nations symbologies, storytelling and myths. My imagery goes against the current interpretations of the world centred on a single unified rational discourse. On the contrary, it tries to open the doors of psychedelic aesthetics, to describe and envision the multilayered connections to the spiritual side of nature within the complex network of reality. Every image pretends to go beyond the veil of the physical realm and evidence the underlying energy that courses through all living entities.

Based on my experimentation with colours I can conclude that merging analogue methods alongside with digital production enables a new scalable lifespan of images, instead of a freezing moment. As result certain representations, shapes or images don’t finish in one piece, there are no limitations of copying and pasting since it’s enabled and embraced by a technique of replication and simulation linked in a continous blurry zone of transfer.

These artworks are results of my personal free and multilayered associations however they are an invitation for everybody to better understand and decipher the shared human experience of seeing and making the world a test site for promptings more relaxed emotional, physical and congnigtive experiences.

Forever isn't Endless After All

Forever Isn't Endless After All digital art

Exploring the necessary depth of detail. The dreamy dance of "Forever isn't Endless After All" is a hot and messy party of mindmelting characters and shapes.


Forever Isn't Endless After All vector


Forever Isn't Endless After All original sketch

Tripolar Disorder

Tripolar Disorder digital art

Celebrating the colourfulness of the human mind and its senses. Instead of a dualistic interpretation of our realities we could broaden our thinking model to trialism?


Tripolar Disorder vector


Tripolar Disorder original sketch


Originating digital art

The butterfly effect of our senses and reactions and the way they radiate and effect our surroundings. The senses move inwards and outwards shaping our past, present, and future. Acceptance and compassion makes us more resilient and socially sustainable.


Originating vector


Originating original drawing


Eaglelity digital art

What is regarded as noble, how to be proud and where to find reason? When to reserve oneself and when to put it out there? How to grow and what is improvement?


Eaglelity vector


Eaglelity original sketch

Project supported by: Taike

Animation, Logo and Icon Design Various different designs throughout the years: animation, logos, icons, emblems and symbols

The Wait (2016)

Character Animation and Walking loop

The Wait Character Animation

Kaupunkikeidas (2017)

Logo and Icon Design

Kaupunkikeidas logo design

Steemit (2015)

Logo Design

Steemit logo design

Dawn (2016)

Logo Design

Dawn logo design

Kiventures (2014)

Logo Design

Paris (2017)

Emblem Design

Paris emblem design

Thank you for not Toxic Wasting Sculpture out of Recycled Materials


S.A.V (Street Art Vantaa) invited VV-machine to be a part of Myyrmäen Katutaidetriannaali 2021 Street Art Festival organised in Myyrmäki Vantaa. The new event will be held once in every three years and the first editions theme was the temporary existance of street art and ecological methods of creating it.

Thank You For Not Toxic Wasting is created out of cigarette stumps of Myyrmäki. Cigarette butts are one of the most littered items in the world and a main source of sea and ocean pollution. Being a fairly easy change of habit to not throw it on the ground after smoking or to pick up someone elses cigarette butt, Thank You For Not Toxic Wasting is politely reminding people to do so.

Project Description

"If every single one of us would collect up to ten cigarette butts a day, how many days would it take to have none?

Thank You For Not Toxic Wasting recycled sculpture Jesse Paananen Photography

Break Them All Visualisation and consept for Private Function

Visualization was created for a private function for a record label in Barcelona. The event was a celebration for the new release of the label so the visual look was designed the music in mind. The concept was about the changing faces of hard core, unconventional existing, and having a blast in the dark. The character created for the project worked as a shuttle to some serious freedom and fun. The black or the black and white sticker was designed with a space in the middle for a hand written phone number. The sticker doubled as an entrance ticket and a lottery ticket.


VV-machine flyer design troll

Charachter was desinged in co-operation with clients

Animated loop for Projection

VV-machine animated loop indigenous masks masks

The animated loop was created using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop and free stock imagery of indigenous masks.

Lottery ticket for a rally

VV-machine sticker design

One coloured version of the character for vinyl printed stickers.

Story Maps Australia Animation, Concept and Graphic Design


Shaman Creative received money for R&D from the Prime Minister‘s cabinet of Australia for designing a digital narration of Indigenous Australian Dreamtime worldview.

A User Interface was built for the project and an overall graphic look was designed for the Story Maps. In addition to the visual look, a brand identity was planned based on Modular Logo Concept combined with traditional Australian Indigenous Cartography and Symbology. The project also involved designing creating a narrative interactive 2D animation concept. Cartographic Design was made using Mapbox API.

Modular Logo

Story Maps Australia Logo

The logo for the Story Maps Australia –project combines feet symbol with a modern speech bubble. The design is meant to communicate between the new and the old world view.

Map Markers based on the Modular Logo

Story Maps Map Marker indigenous art
Story Maps Map Marker Smiley
Story Maps Map Marker Kangaroo
Story Maps Map Marker Flower
Story Maps Map Marker Symbol
Story Maps Map Marker Text

Modularity of the Logo allows to create custom Map Markers in a form a speech bubble. The content of a Map Marker can be a photo, a symbol or text.


Story Maps Australia Icon Eat
Story Maps Australia Icon Sleep
Story Maps Australia Icon Experience
Story Maps Australia Icon Today
Story Maps Australia Icon Geology
Story Maps Australia Icon Dreaming
Story Maps Australia Fauna
Story Maps Australia Spirituality
Story Maps Australia Colonialisation
Story Maps Australia Culture
Story Maps Australia Purchase
Story Maps Australia Piece

The Iconography is based on Indigenous Australian Symbology and Cartography. Hand drawn style of the Icons is to bring them closer to sand art, wood carving, cave painting and other traditional forms of Indigenous Australian Art.

Animation with After Effects

Story Maps Australia Rainbow Serpent animation

Rainbow serpent, a life giving deity, is a common motif amongst Astralian Indigenous art. The story of the Rainbow serpent is essential amongst the Australian Aboriginal peoples and is important in the Dreamtime worldview. The serpent is viewed as a giver of life but is also a destructive force once angered.

Story Maps Australia Flora and Fauna animation

Indigenous Australian spirituality is totemic where a plant or an animal can act as a spiritual emblem. A big part of that spirituality is a connection to nature and the connectedness between the past, present, and future which creates a system that is used for navigation, health care, and nutrition.

Story Maps Australia Elder animation

The Dreamtime worldview is manifested in everyday life through sacred and ancient places and tools that are known to Indigenous Australian peoples through generations. These places and tools are a fundamental part of the Dreamtime worldview. The man in the middle of the map represents an elder, or a sort of shaman, that is highly respected in the community and represents the flow of knowledge that passes through generations.

Map Design with Mapbox Studio

Map Topography is created with Mapbox API, a JavaScript library for vector maps on the web.

Gourmet Goons Animated 2.5D Short


Animated 2.5D short that was created for an opening of a travel cooking show in Australia. The short was based on travel photos and created as a 2.5D animation using After Effect.

Storybook of Franklinford Custom Wordpress Theme, Interactive animation and Visual Design


Storybook of Franklinford is web based Flipbook developed with Wordpress. The project involved developing the frontend, creating the required 2D animations and designing the graphics with traditional press style combined with Storybook's magic.

Animated Flipbook Wordpress Theme with Candlelight

CSS Flipbook animation with candlelight by vv-machine (@vv-machine) on CodePen.

The Animated interface was constructed as Custom Wordpress Theme. The Flipbook Interactive Animation is developed with CSS3 transitions and jQuery.

2d Write in Animation with After Effects

Storybook of Franklinford Typography Write in Animation Motion Graphics

The website’s intro, a Write-In Typografic Animation, is created with After Effects. The animated stars and bling brings magic and vividness to otherwise quite traditional typeface.

Loading animation

Storybook of Franklinford Loading Animation Motion Graphics

The Loading Animation is a circle of stars, so the transition between loading animation and the intro is smooth.

Visual Design

Storybook of Franklinford has a comprehensive graphical concept, logo design, icons, drop caps, and text captions.

Starstruck Logo

Storybook of Franklinford Logo Colours Graphic Design Storybook of Franklinford Logo White Graphic Design

Typografic Logo combines the font Starstruck with twirls/cluster of stars for a bit of magic.

Antique Icons

Storybook of Franklinford Icon Heart Iconography Storybook of Franklinford Icon Film Iconography Storybook of Franklinford  Icon Music Iconography Storybook of Franklinford Icon Mail Iconography

Iconography of Storybook Franklinford is traditional and displays modern concepts like email, mp3 or video with antique versions and traditional symbology.


Storybook of Franklinford Dropcap I Typography Storybook of Franklinford Dropcap X Typography Storybook of Franklinford Dropcap O Typography Storybook of Franklinford Dropcap U Typography Storybook of Franklinford Dropcap B Typography Storybook of Franklinford Dropcap B Typography

A different colourful Dropcap start every chapter. Different combinations of background colours and graphics can create multiple different Dropcaps out of just a few graphics.


(Lyrics by Las Ketchup)

Caption Boxes designed to match with the Colourful Dropcaps. The elements have a separate image on the top and bottom combined with background colour, so the elements are scalable for different amounts of text.

Seam Studios Lottie Animation, Visual Concept and Graphic Guidelines

Seam Project Studios is a creative digital agency based in Barcelona. When joining the company in 2019 VV-Machine planned a visual concept design for the company and designed its graphic guidelines. The work included a 2D animation that was done with Lottie framework, which creates lightweight scalable Vector Animation based on JSON with After Effects. Graphic Concept and Logo Design was done within the guidelines of the company’s desired look in mind. The theme for this work was narrowed down to three clear concepts: clean glitch, retro tech, and futuristic. Prototyping was created using Figma.

Lottie Animation: Write in Glitch

Companys slogan written in glitch with grey gradient background. Used as a intro of a website.

Visual Concept and Graphic Guidelines

Logotype + Logomark

The starting point for the Logo was the letter S, which combines together Space Anarchist Zine - culture and clean and appropriate looking Sans Serif font. The contrast of the two is strong and creates the unique look of the logo.

Seam Studios Logo Seam Studios Logo White


Lato Regular + Black Typescale1.33 (Perfect Fourth) Example text: Based in Barcelona, we provide digital solutions for organisations, companies and individuals. We involve our clients at all stages of the process so there are no surprises or hidden costs, everything is upfront and honest.

Clean Sans Serif Lato was chosen to create the balance with the glitchy Zine style.



Motion Graphics Concept: Clean Glitch

The Motion Graphics Concept is Clean Glitch, which can be also used as still graphic. With different shapes and colours the glitches can be used in a infographic sense.

Cadpool Course Scedules Visual Concept and Graphic Guidelines

Cadpool course schedule is the company’s course schedule for each year that is sent out to company’s partners annually. They are designed to fit and expand the company’s already existing graphic look.

Cadpool Course Schedule 2019

The theme for the visual concept was the Scandinavian sense of simplicity and minimalism combined with light and snow. The design was created with images from Autodesk Gallery.

Cadpool Course Schedule 2018-2019 print design brochure cover Cadpool Course Schedule 2018-2019 print design brochure inside

Cadpool Course Schedule 2016

The theme for the visual concept was ”Playful Engineering”. The look is inspired by the aesthetics of circuit boards, blueprints and gadgets.

Cadpool Course Schedule 2016-2017 print design brochure cover Cadpool Course Schedule 2016-2017 print design brochure inside